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 Industrial Trainers of America iNC.

industrial Trainers of America Industrial Maintenance Training

Why Choose Us?

Our goals are your goals

Safer Work Environment
Compliance with Standards and Codes
Improved Technical Skills
Increased Efficiency
Reduced Operating Costs

Not all people learn in the same way. Therefore, we offer our material in the following media: 

Carefully selected textbooks, as well as our own publications.
Open discussion in the classroom.
Videotapes, PowerPoint Slideshows, and props related to topics being presented.
Hands-On Lab experience.

CALL TODAY and let ITA make that important learning connection that improves skills which in turn improves the overall operation of your plant or facility.
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Our instructors are "been there, done that" people. Real life experience brings our training alive to our students.
Pre-tests and Post-tests are available upon request. You can track progress.
Training completed in a short amount of time that keeps reaping rewards long into the future.
Students acquire a new appreciation for working safely alone and with  others.
Everyone gains a heightened awareness of potential hazards that anyone may come into contact with for any reason.

​​​​​​Industrial Trainers of America, Inc. has been a trusted industry leader in the field of industrial maintenance technical training since our company was started in 1997.  

Ask us about our hands-on Industrial Trainers of America electrical safety training, Industrial Trainers of America industrial maintenance training, arc flash training, and OSHA Safety training.

Industrial Trainers of America, Inc. also offers continuing education for water and wastewater operators in PA, DE, MD, OH, NJ, MA, FL, and SD.